Ok, here goes..
It's probably a pretty easy fix, I'm not that good with JS though.
I'm implementing the Sortable future from MooTools, currently, I'm tweaking it so I'll be able to use nested lists, just in the way I want it.

var sublist1 = document.id('sortable-sublist1');
var sublists = [sublist1, sublist2, sublist3]; // Actually, these will be filled by a PHP statement

new Sortables(sublists,{
constrain (..)

Ok, I've simplified it.
In this Sortables object, I need to retreive some elements from this CURRENT sublist. As you can see, for the moment I've placed a % sign, where normally an integer or another key would fit.

In PHP, we know the function "current()" for this. But how do I fix this in JavaScript?

Thanks in advance!