This is my first post here, so I hope this is the right section.
I'm designing a website which contains an image gallery.
The page is structured with a table in the top part of the page and the gallery in the bottom part.
The requirements are these:
  • in the "photo" page, the gallery shows up with the image thumbnails
  • when a thumbnail is clicked, the full-size image pops up and becomes the only thing visible and MUST be aligned with the top of the page.
  • it must be possible to navigate the gallery in the full-size image mode, that is clicking on the right border of the full-size image you go to next picture and on the left you go to previous.

I've tryed using a flash gallery (I'm a beginner with AS3) and structuring the page using a full-page div atop of the menus, which contains the flash gallery, but I can't solve the click-through-a-swf problem, which renders the menu unusable.
So I've decided to turn to JS (I'm a java programmer but with no exp on website development).

Furthermore the second point means menus and thumbnails can either be beneath the full image or in another page. So the question is: is it better to use different pages

So my questions are: which one is best between AS3 and JS? And is it easier/better to use one single page or two separate pages for the gallery?

Thx a lot for any help!