Back Button Hell-O


Dear Anyone familiar with the mysteries of Internet Explorer 8

THE PROBLEMI've designed a site using frames & flash - double whammy - don't report me
Splash page is no-frames and search engine friendly

HomePage has:
  • top bar menu
  • Left-hand side menu
  • central display area

Top-bar has link to Splash Page (named HomePage)
Left-hand side menu has alphabet list of names which each produce flash page booklet with animated turnable pages that display in central area

Site works perfectly in FF6.02, Safari, & Opera
Problem with back button in IE8 as follows:

If back button is used within the site's framed pages, everything is fine.
If back button is clicked continually back to original Splash Page and then, instead of using Enter button the user tries to click forward into the site's framed HomePage - the whole sites loads into the top bar menu frame. Grrrrr.

I run XP, SP3 but other peeps have tested this for me and get same results. I've put a notice on the SplashPage - but it would be great to be able to solve the problem. I just don't know how to influence how the back button behaves -- I'm guessing I can't give it an html target.

PLEASE - can someone help.

Here's url
Big juicy thanks in advance.