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Thread: PHP Opendir problem

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    PHP Opendir problem

    Hi there.

    PHP is telling me there is no such file or directory at the specified location. This is rubbish.

    	function insertGalleryImages($path){
    		// echo getcwd();
    		$index = array();
    		if($folder = opendir($path)){
    			$pic_types = array("jpg", "jpeg", "gif", "png");
    			while($file = readdir($folder)){
    				if(in_array(substr(strtolower($file), strrpos($file,".") + 1),$pic_types)){
    		return $index;
    Error message:

    Warning: opendir(images/projects/Illustration/Animals/thumb): failed to open dir: No such file or directory in /Users/Alex/Sites/RosalindMundie/insert_gallery.php on line 5.

    • I have checked current directory with getcwd()
    • I have checked permissions, all have full permissions
    • I have checked pwd in terminal and the directory is the same
    • I have tried prepending the path name with './' and even '../' incase it is looking in the wrong place

    Not sure what else to do! Anyone help?


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    For a sanity check, try using a full, absolute path-name, e.g.:
    PHP Code:
    (At least that appears to be the desired location based on the info in the error message.)
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