i have been looking for a very flexible cms for about a month now for my website i'm going to redesign it and for my new website i'm going to design i been looking at MODx and it look like a flexible cms have any one use it if so how flexible is it.. here are some things i'm looking for in a cms
1. allow users to edit and add content from the front-end
2. add my own template (i don't want a template made by some one else 100% mines)
3. good for a very big website
4. i want it to be a free cms i know there are a lot of them out there
5. be able to use it with any type of website i create
6. i don't want it to be WordPress because i know for a fact it wont work
7. and be able to add my own code and manage i

NOTE: i don't have to have all 7 things but if i can i would love that thanks so much i am a website designer