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Thread: Web Review Needed

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    Web Review Needed

    Hello WebDeveloper community!

    This past June my company launched a new website (investor-advantage.com) to build awareness of our clients, post blogs from our staff, and aggregate news, blog posts, and videos from other sites relating to our clients. We are interested in an independent review of site design and functionality, as well as any suggestions for improvement. Brutal honesty is welcomed.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    Your site is good as far as design and functionality is considered.
    But if I consider your site related to perspective of seo then your have nothing.
    I will suggest you to hire someone who can do the seo of your site because it is really important.
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    text in the middle is a little small. need to create a favicon. logo seems really similar to schwab's talk to chuck logo.

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    Really nice design and use of good functionality.To promote your website you can contact: www.webflysoftware.com

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    The design looks simple and professional. Good job.

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