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Thread: adding options 2 issues

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    adding options 2 issues

    Hi, I'm new to javascript. I'm trying to play around with a snippet that was posted on this site in the javascript forms section. It's called adding options 2 (http://javascript.internet.com/forms...options-2.html)

    I was easily able to get the form working on my localhost. But, When I try to change the names of the options in the select list, they don't work. What I have done is changed "item 1" on the provided html form as well as "option 1" in the addingOptions.js script. They both have exactly the same names as I had copied and pasted, then checked about 2,000 times. For some reason, once I do that; the item no longer displays the subitems below when it is clicked.

    This doesn't make sense to me because I cannot find any reason in the .js file why this would happen. Like I said, I'm totally new to JS and need help either understanding or fixing this.

    Could anybody please either explain to me why this doesn't work or point me in a direction that will make it work?

    A thousand thanks.

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    post the code you are using that is not working for you

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