Here's my table:

TABLE `sms2btv` (
`sms` text NOT NULL, -- A simple text containing errors
`tm` text NOT NULL, --Transmitted Message (an SMS updated and ready to be sent)
`sent` bit(0 or 1) NOT NULL, --0 by default
`filtre` bit(0 or 1) NOT NULL, ---0 by default
`error` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
`nosent` bit(0 or 1) NOT NULL, --1 by default

Please, I want to display the sms field. After that, I want to update this field (sms). This action generates three actions:

1- After updating: a new record in mt Field would be inserted (which means that a new Transmitted Message is inserted after updating a text of SMS).
2- A value of Filter Field would changed into 0 (wich means that a new sms updating field would be enter to be filtered).

3- The value of nosent Field will change into 0 (Which means that after updating a text of SMS, this SMS is ready to be sent)

If the user clik the cancel button in update page, the value of nosent still be in 1

Please, how can I manage this events, I need help urgently.

I want to use this script into a php script

I would be very reconised

Thank you