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Thread: verticale space between lines

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    verticale space between lines

    Hi, I am writing a code for form:
    HTML Code:
    private name: <input size="10" name="private_name" type="text">
    last name: <input size="10" name=last_name" type="text">
    I want to increase the space between the two lines
    I tried to use the css line-height and it did increase the vertical space between the two lines.
    However only in the part of the words.
    In the case of the two input boxes instead of more space they become "taller", I can understand the logic behind this, what I don't know is a way to increase the vertical space between the two lines that will work in the case of the input boxes as well.

    How can I solve this?

    Thank in advance

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    Have you tried using the CSS rules for margin for the input tags?

    input {
    margin: 2&#37; 0;

    or some variation thereof.

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