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Thread: SWFOject Help - SWF nav shifting 'onclick'

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    SWFOject Help - SWF nav shifting 'onclick'

    Good morning!

    I am having an issue with my website. I wanted to make it iphone friendly so I just yesterday replaced the flash content (the top nav and the right nav bars) with alternate content using swfobject. However I am seeing some issues.

    Here is the website I maintain: http://www.tkd-boston.com

    The biggest issue - Using IE 8, the right flash nav bar jumps off the page whenever you refresh or click another link on the page. (Doesn't do that in FF6)

    Minor issue - In Firefox 6, the right nav bar is slightly squished so the text in the swf file doesn't come out very clearly (it cuts off the bottom of 'our school'). This doesn't do that in IE.

    Any ideas?

    I am no web developer, just a designer who knows html and can read some css - please speak to me in simple words

    If you also see any other issues in the browser you are using, please let me know...

    Thanks so much for any help!

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    1. IE8
    I can not confirm that behavior. The documents looks ok my IE8 / Win7

    2. FF6
    I suspect that you SWF object has not the genuine height, thus the look is somehow squeezed.

    I see some CSS mistypes here in there: You have some padding values declared as opx instead of 0px (or even better simple 0)

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    Thank you - it seems obvious with a slow internet connection (mine is a little slow and the nav would jump, then just hang until the page changed.). I looked on a friend's computer (w/IE 9) and we didn't notice it at first until we repeatedly clicked around. Last night I tried doing absolute positioning to the top but then it would shift to the left instead instead instead of shifting up. Very strange


    Great - thank you for spotting the 0px - will fix!

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    I've attached a screenshot of the shift during page transition / refresh.


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