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Thread: Need to set up user access for a website

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    Question Need to set up user access for a website

    I need to build a password protected page for my website. There will be a number of users and users will need to choose their own passwords with their email address being the username (not a simple alphanumeric phrase).

    The user access list needs to be maintained from different locations by different administrators with minimum computer skills. They can however be taught to use a simple program.

    What is the best way to go about this?

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    You should probably break this huge question down and repost it as a few questions.
    1) how do i build a password protected page
    2) how do i salt a password
    3) how do i submit data to a database using an html form
    4) how do i create multilevel admins for a page or how do i create security restrictions based on user groups

    I'd start with google on each one of those first to give you a jump start

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