First of all sorry for bad English
this is my script:
HTML Code:
<div style='margin-left: 5px;' id='postppm'>
<form method="post" target="iframe_1" action="process.php?m=ok">
<span style="color:rgb(20,70,250);">Personal profile message:</span> <br />
<TEXTAREA name="message" COLS=45 ROWS=5 maxlength="2000"><?php if(isset($errorstrlen)){ echo $errorstrlen; } ?></TEXTAREA>
<input type='hidden' name='n' value='<?php echo $easynamep; ?>'>
<input type='submit' value='ppm' class="button">
<iframe src="process.php" name="iframe_1" id="iframe_1">

<div id="test">
Here is were all the message's of the user stands (I want to reload that if the user pressed on submit)
PHP Code:
// handle postppm
if ($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']=='POST' and isset($_POST['message']) and $_GET['m']=="ok" and isset($_POST['n'])) {
$errorstrlen2 $_POST['message'];
$count strlen($errorstrlen2);
'Too long message <b>' $count '</b>, allowed (2000)';
$easynamep $_POST['n'];
$query mysql_query("SELECT id FROM users WHERE easyname='" mysql_real_escape_string$easynamep ) . "' LIMIT 1"); // get basic of user
$row mysql_fetch_assoc($query);
$ido $row['id'];
$time date("y-m-d H:i:s"time());
$time convert_datetime($time);
$message $_POST['message'];
$query "
          INSERT INTO usersppm 
          , ido
          , message
          , time
mysql_real_escape_string$ido ) . "'
mysql_real_escape_string$id ) . "'
mysql_real_escape_string$message ) . "'
mysql_real_escape_string$time ) . "'

$queryupload mysql_query($query);
'Message post!';
// Here
// Some javascript that reload div test on profile.php
// Here =)

$errorstrlen $_POST['message'];
"5 char limit!";
So after a user presses on submit could I change content on profile.php?
something like load (but that doesn't work if you execute that on process.php if it needs to affect something on profile.php) or is there a way?

Or is there an way that I have some javascript on profile.php and it gets activated if that process.php return true?

I tried this script:
HTML Code:
<script type="text/javascript">
var auto_refresh = setInterval(
function ()
}, 10000); // refresh every 10000 milliseconds
<div id="test"> </div>
but I have to copy all the php script from div test to profilemessages.php and I rather have everything on the same page. And it reloads every 10 second it only need to be reloaded if the submit of process.php is an succes. Is something like that possible?

Is this possible? That I put the process.php in profile.php between something like this:
<script 'executewhenpressedsubmit'>
hole script from process.php
And if I press submit it will only execute that between <script> </script>? And it still doesn't reload the hole site? because that's what I'm trying to make an site that doesn't refresh the hole site after submit. It almost work it already gets data into the database without refreshing but now I need to refresh div test after that.

Thanks, I hope you guys understand.