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Thread: onclick or onchange to sql record

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    onclick or onchange to sql record


    Have an asp page that user selects a week from date picker and it returns data from sql table in a series of checkboxes for overtime availability.

    ie for the week of 10/10/2011 the checkboxes are Monday through Sunday, the user clicks the checkboxes they want to work overtime and hits a submit button. Let's assume they chose Monday and Wednesday. If they go back to this page later and pick the week of 10/10/2011 the sql table shows checked in the Monday and Wednesday checkboxes. They can then make any changes they want, hit the submit button, and that sql record is updated with the new data.

    So on to the issue........For audit purposes, there is another sql table called ot_audit. What I want to do is every time one of the checkboxes is changed (pre hitting the submit button), I need a new record added to the ot_audit table. It will show a datetime stamp, who made the change, what was clicked, and if it was checked or unchecked.

    Question is....how in the heck do I do this? I'm new here and all I know is there are onChange and onClick events. Lost after that. Please help me.

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    Anyone have any ideas?

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