First off, I am new to the forums so forgive me if I'm asking for something in the wrong place or what not. I'll get straight to the point - I'm a designer with a desire to build a website for my local adult hockey league. I want it to feature team and player stats. The stats for our games are available online through the league, but its a terrible site [LINK] that makes it difficult to track statistical history of a player or team. But at least its there. Each team has their own page [LINK], as does each game played [LINK].

Now what I'd like to do, is have something (a PHP spider?) that can crawl about and pull specific data from each of the three pages to a database (sql?). The hockey website will pull the organized data (stats) and be presented in a respectable manner.

That all said, I'm no developer. I know HTML/CSS, but thats about as far deep as I go in any "language". I'd appreciate any help or suggestions on how to move forward.

BTW, incase you're wondering - I can't get access to Time to Score's database. I've already contacted the director of hockey services who manages the account and its out of the cards to give me permission. Maybe once I make a case for this page, but for the initial launch it has to be scraped.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!