I have a button that I disable as soon as it's clicked on and I need to re-enable it as soon as results are written to another frame. The problem is that I haven't been able to get the path right.

Here is my page setup:
<frameset cols="*,400">
<frameset name="workFrame" rows="275,*">
<frame name="adds" src="adds.jsp">
<frame name="deletes" src="deletes.jsp" id="deletes" frameborder=no>
<frame name="statusFrame" src="blank.jsp">

The button, which is in the "adds" frame is diabled with onClick="addGamer.disabled = true;" and when the statusFrame is loaded, I need to re-enable it,

I have tried the following and none of them seem to do the job:
parent.workFrame.adds.addGamer.disabled = false;
parent.adds.addGamer.disabled = false;
top.workFrame.adds.addGamer.disabled = false;
top.adds.addGamer.disabled = false;

What am I doing wrong?