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Thread: recruiting website with login and resume database

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    recruiting website with login and resume database

    hello. i'm completely new to website databases and was hoping to gain some knowledge from the experts on here. i'm trying to build a recruiting website for my business. the basic design and literature is done. however, i wanted to add a few more features to the site.
    login feature for both job seekers and employers
    an option to let the job seeker upload their resume and cover letter
    applicant information form that must be filled out by the job seeker and then saved to a database
    private log-in for employers to search the applicant's profiles and uploaded resumes

    honestly, i don't even know where to start. so i guess the ideal thing for me is to get some type of free template i can look at. but any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!!

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    I think you will struggle to find a template to do everything you need. Im guessing your using PHP and MySQL?

    The best advice i can give is for you to look for tutorials / code samples / small templates for each task you need. For example, there will be a lot of code samples for a PHP login script that you can adapt to you needs.


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