Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this..

Iím new to using Magento, having joined a company that already has a Store site set up (mostly) and there are a couple of features that need to be added to the site. Just wandering if there is any way to do the following:

Firstly, My company is a Trade supplier, as opposed to a public store, so we donít want the general public to be able to see the prices of our products, just the store owning customers (with their own login details).

Is it possible to hide the price of our products unless youíre logged in?

Secondly, As a trade supplier, we have discounts for buying in batches over buying the products individually.
I have already sorted it so that, for example, a single product costs £14.99, 10 products would cost £14.20 per product and 20 would be reduced to 9.85 per product.
However, our company offers a ďcase rateĒ where if you buy a case of 10 products in the same colour and size there would be a greater discount (e.g. £9.40 per product). Is it possible to set that up in the same product page, or would I have to set it up as another product and link it as a related product?

Many thanks