I've run into an SEO snafu and I can't figure out a way to solve it:

My main site is not-CMS. The site has a products page that loads a CMS store in an iframe. I've just learned that spiders won't crawl into iframes (why!), and need to find some way to be sure the search engines crawl the store catalog.

I had thought to have a link that said 'view store in its own window', but there are a couple of issues there. I went to some pains to alter the CMS templates so that attempts to access its urls outside of the iframe would be remasked into the main look-and-feel where it's supposed to be. In other words, if you try to go to, the site will pick it up and redirect you to with the requested page loaded in the iframe.

I could set a flag so attempts generated intentionally from inside the site don't do this... but i'd still have the problem that my look and feel are lost when the store is accessed on its own, and I don't actually want the store pages to be viewed by anyone except the spider as stand-alone pages. I want the iframe!

I guess I'm just looking for general advice on getting iframed content to spider; what I'm doing doesn't seem that unorthodox...