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Thread: idea management system ??

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    Smile idea management system ??

    hello everybody,

    lately i was searching for an open source idea management system, found one at http://ideabox.phpoutsourcing.com/ but this while installing gives many errors like "php 4 not found", on editing the code, i still get many array errors when the code executes further..and they don't provide any support..

    any better open source idea management system packagae i can find, i searched but almost all are commerial, i found many commercial here http://www.innovationtools.com/resou...management.asp

    thank you for any help, ideas or suggestions


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    open source

    I haven't heard of to many open source options but the one you listed above does offer support and programming for only $20 per hour, that's really cheap for programming and they could probably help you figure it out quickly. You could also go with a free plan at one of the commercial places there are tons of them. Im partial to http://www.feedbackroad.com

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