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Thread: Difference between http and https?

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    Difference between http and https?

    Hello Everyone, I'm not a web designer but I really curious to know about the differences between http and https,so please can you explain?

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    Hi Olivia,

    http is a regular webpage.
    It stands for hypertext transfer protocol.

    https is a secure webpage.
    It stands for hypertext tranfer protocol secure.

    Any information sent from a form on a https page will be encrypted so its good for things like credit card numbers.

    For a page to be https it MUST have an encryption certificate actived on the server the website is on. Contact your web hosting service or consult a web developer with ecommerce experience for more info.

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    HTTP means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It means the data is transferring between the web servers and the client but when HTTPS comes that means your data secure no one can copy your contents.

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