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Thread: Please Review: Band Site (Music)

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    Please Review: Band Site (Music)


    Please Review!

    CMS = Wordpress, for now a nearly standard theme with several modifications... hooked up to Feedburner email subscribe and more.
    The theme will be extensively modified further and the site will be integrated with Facebook comments for "News" (Posts).

    The group founder, Paweł Mąciwoda, is a member of "The Scorpions", this is his own group in Warsaw made of international artists. I built this site as a favor for friends...

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    Site is ok with respect to design point of view but there is a small annoying thing
    If I visit this "stirwater-live" page then then the comment box that you have given is barely visible to eyes.
    It will be better if you correct that.
    One more thing you have done nothing for the seo of your site.
    You need to take care of that because now a day it is a very crucial thing.
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    Thumbs up stirwater site

    Disclaimer- I'm not a web developer, but I am an artist, so this review is based on that & my natural geekiness, rather than the source code. I hope it's helpful, anyway.

    I like the site, you did a very good job. Surfing it was intuitive- I didn't have to hunt around for anything, all the links I tried worked and were relevant.
    I usually LOATHE white text on a black background, but your very-dark-gray and very-light-grey conveyed the mood without the eyestrain. I like the fixed background, as well.

    That said, I agree with the previous poster- your form submission fields could have slightly more contrast to stand out from the background, and... you really need a light background on the calendar. Tour dates are almost completely invisible.
    Also, and this is just me... I'm not crazy about sites that SAY they are sites. I think your homepage would be much better if you shortened the header subtitle to "international performing artists" and left out the introductory "welcome to webpage" line. Again, that's just me...

    Good luck to you, and good job!

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