First, I'd like to confess that I joined this web forum under false pretenses; I'm not a developer! I'm a photographer with a geeky streak who would like her website to work! I've been working on it on and off for over a year, and I still feel like I'm probably missing some simple, vital inside info that would make all this much clearer.

It took me forever to figure out the IE hack thing, I use a WYSIWYG lightbox program for my galleries, and I know just enough psp to know I shouldn't be using it, but it seems so easy for menus...

Suggestions are welcome, but I'm self-taught, so please take it easy on me! And, I have to tell you, other than coding every gallery AND every pop-up enlargement myself, which I tried cuz I couldn't figure out arrays!- I tried a BAJILLION CSS & HTML galleries before finding this one (Visual Light Box), which works great for me. So please don't ask me to give it up!!

A couple of specific issues:
1- I'd LOVE to validate every page! I'm fine to start, but once I add an iframe from Amazon, facebook, or googlemaps, I get a million error messages when I try. (I use the WDG validator.)
2- My laptop is limited to IE, Chrome, and Firefox, so those 3 versions are what I test on- all the online sites I've found cost money.
I JUST made my first table, so I'm sure I messed that up, too. (It's in the burning steel wool tutorial.) The IE issue seems to make it so difficult to add padding/margins to divs and other sections, that I usually just give up and use br/ or &nbsp tags. I'm really sick of typing both of them!
3- Escape codes aren't working for me in every browser- &quot not even working well on mine any more, spacing related to word in quotes is all messed up. I was on a friend's mac & every apostrophe escape code I used was spelled out in his browser. And, grammar aside, I use "..." a lot, which causes some problems. NOT using ... or quotation marks seems worse, though.

any help you can offer is welcomed. Thank you.