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Thread: calculate days between 2 dates..

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    Exclamation calculate days between 2 dates..

    emmmm...firstly Thanks for viewing this thread...

    recently i managed to get a code to calculate number of days from 2 dates given...for e.g (start date -> 01-08-2004) (end date -> 01-13-2004) the result was 6 days !!!...

    but the problem wuzz..this number of days include (saturday and sunday)..but my objective is to exclude those days...until now i cant find the solution....that means from example given above i would like the number of days should be 4 days not 6...... ...

    arghh i really dont know how to exclude those days..can someone help me out????? pleasssee...Thanks....
    -BoB AdLin-

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    you may have to write a cstome function that will go thru the days and string sat and sun from them and then get the diff


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