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Thread: Trouble searching strings in database with ASP

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    Trouble searching strings in database with ASP

    Hi all, first time posting to any forum, anywhere, ever. Apologies in advance if any mis-steps.

    I'm using this code to search a MS-Access database:

    Rs.Open "SELECT * FROM products WHERE ACTIVE = TRUE AND TITLE LIKE '%" & Request.Form("KEYWORDSEARCH") & "%' ORDER BY VENDORPN ASC", OBJdbConnection

    If I search for something numberic, like 325, works great. If I search for something purely text, like hat, it seems to run for a long time and then I get an error, I think some sort of buffer overflow. If anyone can help I'd be indebted.

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    How many records and columns does your database contain?

    I would first replace the "select *" with "select columnname"

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