Hi, I am new here.

I have some questions about being/becoming a web developer, and I searched the forums to find the right place to post this, but I am still not sure if this is the appropriate forum. If not, I apologize.

Anyway, long story short, I am a guitar and music theory teacher right now, but I want a change, and since I am already pretty comfortable with xhtml and css, I was thinking about getting into web development. I realize there is a lot more to it than those two languages, but at least it is a foundation to build on. Additionally, the local college offers an Internet Applications and Web Development program that looks pretty good.

My first question is, what is ti like to be a web developer? Is it high stress? Do you have to put in 80 hour work weeks and stuff like that?

Second, after I finish reviewing CSS and html, what would you recommend I start to learn? I have an intro to programming book from the Head First series that uses Python as a teaching language. Is that good?

And third, what is the deal with HTML 5? Is it good to know?

Thanks in advance.