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Thread: Pop-up image problem in IE8

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    Pop-up image problem in IE8

    I have been using an image viewer script (Image Thumbnail Viewer Script-found at dynamicdrive.com) for a few years on my website with great success until IE8. The image script works fine, the problem comes when you close the image window. The page where the thumbnail that opens the image is located immediately scrolls to the top of the page once you close the popup. This does not happen in IE6, IE7 or FF, I have not yet tested it in chrome or safari. I have noticed similar behaviour on some other sites, when clicking a JavaScript link, but not on all sites using a JavaScript link. Again, it only happens in IE8.

    This is the part of the script which closes the window that holds the image:

    thumbnailviewer.dotask(window, function(){thumbnailviewer.cleanup()}, "unload")

    I'm hoping it's one of those "just add this" or "just change this to that" and not re-write the entire script, it's a fairly large script.

    I can post the contents of the entire script if that would help.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas or help.
    Here is an example page:

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