Hi Guys,
I am trying to figure this out, hoping someone can shed some light.
I am trying to get a song to play continuously throughout a site.
I didnt want to use frames.
I decided to use javascript to grab the element.currentTime of a HTML5 audio element and save it to a sessionStorage variable as the page unloads. Then the next page reads that variable and sets the element.currentTime back to that value.

It works fine 9 times out of 10. However (in IE surprise surprise). Every now and then, it fails, the debugger throws the error: Error: DOM Exception: INDEX_SIZE_ERR (1)

Here is the code I am using:

var startPos;
function recordTime(){
sessionStorage.setItem('playbackPosition', document.getElementById('bgTrack').currentTime);
function getStartPos(){
startPos = sessionStorage.getItem('playbackPosition');
document.getElementById('bgTrack').currentTime = startPos;
window.addEventListener("unload", recordTime, false);

<audio id="bgTrack" autoplay controls loop preload="auto" autobuffer onCanPlay="getStartPos()">
<source src="audio/weightless.mp3">

You can view the site here: http://www.gilespcrepairs.co.uk/photography/