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Thread: Increasing website speed

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    Quote Originally Posted by WolfShade View Post
    I disagree. It plainly states that tables should be avoided whenever possible because they load slower than DIVs. Quite logical and to the point.

    It is my understanding that tables load twice - once for layout, then again for content.

    I try my best to stick with table-less development, but I do use tables whenever I develop an online form - the formatting is just easier, for that.

    Just my $0.02 worth.
    You missed the part where using XHTML and tables are completely unrelated.
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    You can reduce file size of things your css using this tool: Online Css minifier

    Reducing file size means that the web site will load quicker for the user
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    This is what I do for my websites:
    1. Gzip compression
    1. Image optimization
    3. html minification
    4. css minification
    5. defering parsing of javascript
    6. creating css sprites
    7. for more complex sites in Joomla I turn Joomla Cache on.

    I check the website speed n following websites:
    1. developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ (most important one - thanks to this tool you will have an ides how google sees your website)
    2. tools.pingdom.com/fpt/
    3. gtmetrix.com (most comprehensive analysis of website speed, lots of suggestions what to change).
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    Page loading speed is one of the most important factor considered by Google for search engine result pages. Whichever programming language, or technology you use to build your website, however, if the web server where your website is hosted lacks to provide the required speed and resources to your website it won't perform good in SERPs. The more your page loads slowly, the more will be your website's bounce rate as though you put your efforts in driving thousands of visitors, however the page loading speed will frustrate them and force them to the competitors website.

    Personally, I would suggest you to find a good Shared Cloud Hosting provider and move your site there. Additionally, it would be more advantageous if you could opt for a CDN for your graphics and other multimedia. Certainly, both will provide you the expected results.
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    I often laugh at the goofy nonsensical hoops people will jump through to try and make a poorly written and disastrously concieved website "faster". From CDN's, to subdomain trickery, to whitespace stripping, to nonsensical BS about how tables "render slower"... Here's a tip, if a 386/40 on win 3.1 with 'dreadfully slow' IE4 could render a table in an acceptable amount of time, in the age of multi-ghz multi-core processors such claims are a bunch of BULL! -- It's all a bunch of pointless malarkey to just sweep developer ineptitude under the rug.

    MAYBE, JUST MAYBE if people didn't make websites with several dozen or even hundreds of separate files, megabytes of images, and megabytes of "JS for nothing" to deliver single digit k of plaintext and a half dozen content images, they wouldn't have to pull all these stupid stunts.

    JS for nothing and your scripts for free... that ain't working, that's not how you do it! Lemme tell ya, these boys are dumb.

    When I'm building a website, I like to set size restrictions for a 'normal' page; As a rule of thumb, NOT counting content, NOT counting things like social media 'like' buttons (which are grossly inefficient and poorly coded, but at least you can usually count on them being cached) I try to keep my page templates under 72k in 16 files. That's my upper limit; that's HTML + CSS + SCRIPTING + IMAGES. as a rule of thumb, if you can't bring a page template in under those limits, you are doing something WRONG!

    Likewise, with content (both plaintext and images) plugged in, again not counting social media bloat, I try to keep 'normal' pages under 144k in 24 files -- there are exceptions to those limits (like image galleries), but again if you can't bring your page in under those limits, you are doing something WRONG!

    ... and I'm NOT talking gzip compressed, I'm talking uncompressed totals!

    This is why things like HTML/CSS frameworks and Javascript frameworks are utter and complete idiotic halfwit BULL if used on a 'normal' website. jQuery and Bootstrap are stunning examples of this, since uncompressed they are by themselves each larger than I'd allow the entire page templates HTML+CSS+SCRIPTS+IMAGES to reach! 90k of javascript and 100k of CSS that relies on presentational use of classes [b]before you've even plugged content into the site?!?[b]


    It's actually getting riduculous with people using hundreds of K of CSS out of developer ineptitude when there is little legitimate reason for an ENTIRE forum's CSS to break 48k... or megabytes of JavaScript on sites that don't even warrant the use of scripting in the first place.

    But what can you expect with PSD jockeys who know **** about **** sleazing out pretty pictures and having the giant brass monkey balls to call it "design", back-end coders who don't know enough about HTML and CSS to be making websites in the first place, and HTML/CSS coders taking sleazeball halfwit shortcuts like frameworks out of ignorance and/or ineptitude.

    It's really a total laugh, people wasting megabytes of crap in hundreds of files to deliver 5k or less plaintext and a dozen or less content images, then going "why is my site so slow?" -- might as well schedule an appointment with Dr. Hackenbush.

    "Doctor, doctor! it hurts when I do this."
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    For wordpress sites:
    1. Use Caching plugin
    2. Use CDN
    3. Reduce sidebar / Footer clutter
    4. Remove Related Widgets
    5. Reduce Social Buttons
    6. Avoid Extra Comment Systems
    7. Disable Gravatars
    8. Load less Comments
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    Its always worth minifying your files before you publish your site. Minification removes unnecessary information from your files (in the case of javascript you can compress the code too).

    There are lots of online minification tools, for example (links):
    css minifier
    html minifier
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    Yes! too many images can do slow speed of your website.
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    One very important thing when it comes to speed is limiting the number of http requests. Combine your javascript and css files. Another important thing to make a page appear to load faster is to put your scripts at the bottom of the page. This allows the html to load first, then the script.
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    Improved loading speed of the website / webpage sometime has been taking as the factor for ranking in search engine by Google. Hence it is not most important but off course small factor to get rank well in the search engine hence we should never ignore it. I hope this link will help you in more detail for “How to speed up website/webpage’s loading time” :

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