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Thread: Domain Name, Website, blogger ???

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    Red face Domain Name, Website, blogger ???

    Ok, I have been asked by a friend to help her set up a website for her to advertise her business and possibly sell her cookies/baking goods. At first I thought - No Problem... But now that I get into it... I have a few questions to iron out before giving her some options.

    1. Own a domain name... ok... so if she 'buys' her own domain name - (susie.com)she still needs a domain website - correct? Just having her buy the name gets her nothing but buying the name rights. - and I beleive you buy it for at least a year (like maybe $70.00) - Now will she need to go on to 'register' her name? and then what - she needs to find a website? how does that all work...

    Say she now has www.susie.com. What next? Not sure if she really wants to blog about her business or just do business. I hear that you can have both. A website and then within the website... have a blogging page.

    Can someone help me in the right direction.
    Its probably just easier to get something like susie.blogspot.com right? I think she would like to have personal contact with her customers but at same time have it set up where she displays her information with her prices and then email for further details. Im not sure who would just buy cookies on the internet without having the personal details before hand. I do know she would like to show her prices for potential customers who would be interested in her goods.

    So, just to wrap up... you need a domain name, a place to put your domain name (which would be your own website - ip address) and then what? Once I have the website... now I have to build it.... Right? Or am I way off?

    Hope someone can help me in the right direction...

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    I would suggest you to set up a free blogger account, so that you may get an idea whether people are interested in her cookies of not. Blogger allows you to set-up upto 10 pages (maximum).

    Your Home Page will show the latest posts.
    2. Page should contain About Susie
    3. Page Should contain detail price of cookies
    4. Page Should have a mailing system
    5. Page Should have terms and conditions

    You can try this strategies first, rather than to waste your money on domain name and hosting services. However, we also provide domain and hosting services, if at any point you need help regarding hosting or domain name services, you can visit our 2gbhosting website anytime you like.

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