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Thread: A local institution is looking into having a web app designed (help)

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    A local institution is looking into having a web app designed (help)

    A local institution is looking into having a web app designed, through a course of events, I semi-volunteered. This is a large project for me, any tips on how to approach?

    Here is an outline of the project:

    I am not a web-dev super star (I code games/apps in java for phone as a long-time hobby) - was curious just how I should most efficiently approach this site design.
    I feel it is as simple as: Make a website that has login options for the 3 different types of members.
    Each member sees a different home page when they log in.
    Data is stored directly into a MySQL database using php (it seems there is a lot of support for php if I have questions, is another language better for this?).
    Permissions for viewing information, permissions for allowing certain things to happen in the database (i.e. a student not being able to apply for two classes that occur simultaneously) - Not sure if I could do all of this directly in the html form, or if I would need to get java involved somehow.
    I do not think anything is beyond my coding capabilities (+google), but wanted to make sure I was approaching the situation with the best available tools / languages.
    Any tips would be appreciated.

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    Hmm, just a suggestion, but it may be easier to just build one webpage, with all of the functions that you want, for each user type, then just lock down certain section based on what the user type is when they log in.

    This saves having to have the same functions two, or possibly even three separate web pages, just a suggestion mind you

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    You could use something like a CMS which I will admit I am not fond of them but in an situation where you need to develop something like a web app, you may want to consider something like a CMS or a tool like smarty which allows you to bolt on functionality to a basic HTML site of produce a full CMS system.
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