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Thread: Odd Query Request (tough one)

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    Odd Query Request (tough one)

    I have a table (Excel sheet, whatever...) containing PeopleSoft login information with three columns: Login Time, Logout Time, Time Spent.

    My manager has been asked to use that to provide a minute by minute run down of concurrent logins for the entire data set (day).

    So, the SELECT for the table is like so:

    SELECT LOGIN.Login, LOGIN.[Log out], LOGIN.[Time in]

    Output looks like this:

    Login Log out Time in
    11/1/10 12:36 AM 11/1/10 12:42 AM 0:06

    What I need is:

    Time Concurrent_Logins
    11/1/10 12:36 AM 16

    So, this is quite complicated. Any thoughts?

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    Not sure what db your using by in MySQL you would do this:

    SELECT count(*) as total, login_time from LOGIN group by login_time;
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