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    Question Advanced Image Fader


    I would like to animate a number of thumbnails in a gallery. My idea is to have each thumb transit to another thumb, i.e. you put your mouse over a thumbnail, and it slowly fades to a different image.

    I have spent a lot of time trying to get this to work, using exhaustive combinations of fadeToggle() and stop(false, false) etc etc and I still can't get a smooth effect.

    I have created my own fade engine using a variable that drives the opacity of the image that fades in/out over the other image.

    My issue is that I would like to get this into a function, as it works beautifully for one image, or if you simply duplicate the code for other thumbnails. The problem is there could be up to 32 thumbnails on the page, which means a lot of repeated code.

    Here is my code:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    	$('#trans1').css('opacity', 0.01) ; // Set starting opacity for thumbnail.
    	var fader = 0.00 ;
    	var interval = '' ;
    // For this example 'target' can be substituted for 1.
    	function fadeControl(target) {
    			mouseIsOver = 1 ;
    			mouseIsOver = 0 ;
    		interval = setInterval(function(){
    			if(mouseIsOver == 1)
    				fader = fader += 0.01 ;
    			else if(mouseIsOver == 0)
    				fader = fader -= 0.01 ;
    			if(fader < 0.00) fader = 0.00 ;
    			if(fader > 1.00) fader = 1.00 ;
    			$('#trans'+target).css('opacity', fader) ;
    			$('#ceee').html(fader.toFixed(2)) ;
    		}, 10)
    You can see it in action here: www.sweetart.co.uk/2012/cake-gallery.php (hover over the pig thumbnails )

    As you can see, there appears to be a problem with the timer where if you mouse over one image and then the next quickly, it interrupts the animation of the previous.

    Any thoughts and ideas are most welcome!

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    here's a decent jquery crossfade tutorials Ive used before, msight spark some new ideas for you.


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    Thanks for your idea, but I have already seen this tutorial a while ago and it does not enable me to do what I want to do. I have scoured the net looking for something like what I want and I am yet to find it.

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