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Thread: dressing up the window media player

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    dressing up the window media player

    ive been trying to learn how to dress up the media player for months and still havn't learned like live365.com or unitedstream.com or ifilm.com and also how they play the video without even going to a new window or link . you probly don't know what im talkin about it until you go to ifilm well i realy need some help oh yea check out my page i need an opinion
    and request a peacie of media (clip)


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    What makes you think any of those sites use Windows Media Player, as your title suggests?
    dressing up the window media player
    Eye for Video

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    Well if you look at the source, you will see what JS they are using as the framework.

    By the looks of it, likely JQuery.

    Also, why did you leave a large space between what you wrote and the signature? I hate scrolling and I had to scroll to the quick reply for this. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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