Can we have a split in the Javascript forums. Frameworks are not javascript language although they are built on javascript as the driving engine, they are not javascript questions or problems but a problem with frameworks.

So being a bit of a JS purist, eg, don't really like these Site tools like these.

The JQuery, MooTools and others should really have their own forums within the javascript forum so that we have a title heading and sub forums specifically for those tools that rely on javascript but themselves are not.

The other reason I am fed up of them is going in to questions and finding that the issue is nothing to do with javascript but is a JQuery problem or similar.

I don't know haw many more people here feel the same way but I certainly think that it would help improve clarity to those entering the forums and then find help quicker and specific to the framework that they are using.

Maybe you could have a frameworks forum with sub forums of the various tools on offer and links from Javascript forum that would take people directly to those sub forums of the framework forums like the (not Java) notice, this line Discussion and technical support, including AJAX and frameworks (JQuery, MooTools, Prototype...) could be turned in to links to those forums.