When people sign up to this site, do they not get told about posting and helping by wrapping what code they have in the appropriate forum tags?

Can the site ops that maintain this site insert a widget to test for any of the tell tale components of a post that contains tags (HTML or other known programming tags) and reject the post until the poster of the question or person answering has wrapped the code segments in forum tags or if they're feeling particularly generous, maybe a widget that automatically wraps code?

Also for the double posters, can we have a "Bump" button that only becomes active for a short period of time after the post drops off the front page and after a month ceases functioning? Then a link appears in a banner at the top of the site that lists all posts that are bump-able are readily available should no reply be given or the post falls off the page again if a response was made.

If posters had access to quick lists of recent posts, then I think that the multi-cross-double-reposting problems would be limited. It was asked for from reading posts here that members can quickly access profiles first (or thats the way I read it) which default lists most recent posts they made. Which is pretty much similar to what I am proposing but differs in as far as this information would be available via a header banner that specific to that user so they can quickly access items and features that they need or prefer.

Another idea is to construct a widget that is semi-inteligent that displays a message in a banner at the head of the page that scrolls messages to remind newbies and randomly existing members that they need to wrap code in tags, stop double posting and cross posting as well as reminding that we don't have campers and answers may take time, etc.

I thought that people had to be post quarantined so that they know on here before they're allowed in to the general site population or have austerity cuts managed to transcend in to the realm of virtual?

Maybe you might want to consider a quarantine period for new members and OPS that find people regressing back are pushed in to quarantined mode again to remind people.

The only issue I see is anything that is implemented would need to discriminate for posts that contain elements of tags and are only several lines long and not large script posts.

What would be lovely is an auto-tazer feature that sends feedback to the user / poster and zaps them via the mouse or keyboard for not following forum guidelines.

Also, why don't the [RANT]Grrrrrrrrrrrr[/RANT] tags work?