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Thread: Google Groups

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    Google Groups

    Is anyone using Google Groups??
    I have recently started using it and need more information on it

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    Google Groups is a computer application developed by Google that allows individuals in a group to share information. A social networking site, Google Groups is loosely based on Usenet groups. Usenet was an early bulletin board application that allowed people to communicate and share information over the Internet, prior to the development of more advanced chat rooms and social networking sites.
    Google Groups provides the opportunity for a group of people to discuss common interests, conduct research, work on a project from distant locations, produce internal Web pages and keep in touch with friends.
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    How can I create Google Group? Please explain

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    Creating a google group is very simple.You need to create a account on google and then visit groups.Google.com
    and fill the form and enter your details and add friends to your group

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    Hi guys thank you all for sharing knowledge about Google groups. I know to set up Google groups account. But how can i use it? Plz. tell me in details.

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