I am currently using php code to pull any 'src' code that comes into my website for any ads that i have for tracking purposes.

I.E. : if ($_GET['src']) {$PPCsrc=$_SESSION['campaign']=$_GET['src'];} else {$PPCsrc=$_SESSION['campaign'];}

I then have my php code look for null values for the 'src' code so there is always a value for $_SESSION['campaign']

I.E. : if (!empty($_SESSION['campaign'])) {$PPCsrc=$_SESSION['campaign']="SWFC";}

In my form I am pulling the value for $_SESSION['campaign'] implemented into a Citrix based database using:

<input type="hidden" name="LeadSource" id="LeadSource" value="<?php echo $_SESSION['campaign']; ?>" />

However, I am still receiving null values in my LeadSource field as well as the value changing for my PPC src codes changing to SWFC. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!