Hi. I hope no one minds me posting this.

I am looking for webdevelopers with Ninja skills who can be available on demand for a lot of projects that are coming.

Ideally i am looking for as many possible just to contact if needed but as I say if needed, you will be needed and with one project right now in particulur which involves wordpress.

I am not looking for companys but individuals (freelancers).

Using Skype is a big bonus and the best web developers would normally have:

*) Skilled web development qualitys.
*) Be on call when needed, I can appreciate if you cant do a project but it would be nice to have you there if you can do it.
*) Have an ability to jump into projects when needed.

If you fit those qualitys you are for me. You can start by contacting me on mail@steveroberts.co or adding me on skype 'steverobertsco'.

Thank you