Hi Folks:

I have interviewed several web developers in the past several weeks but am unable to locate someone with the right skill set. Here goes: Some database skills - nothing terribly fancy, I will help develop the schema, however you must be able to write code to store and pull data from the database. I designed a very unique "simple-to-use"/"clutter free" user interface unlike anything on the net and it requires Flash and HTML5 skills. I prefer as much client side code as possible (including background downloads).

I previously owned a Top 100 website worldwide in its genre and want to jump back into the game (gave up site in 2002). I am looking for a partner and am offering a large % of the company to the right developer. A non-disclosure must be signed before I will discuss the concept with you. I have researched the concept online and although there are somewhat similar websites nothing like what I have conceived.

My name is Bob Lally. Forget the resume. Tell me how you have the Database, Flash and HTML5 experience and we can move forward from there. Thanks and good luck.