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Thread: javascript array to php

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    javascript array to php

    hi i have a array defined in javascript.
    how can i use the array in php.
    i tried the following but it isn't working.
    contactcid[i] is the javascript array.

    echo "<script language=\"javascript\">\n";
    echo "$y = 'http://apis.live.net/V4.1/cid-'".contactcid[i]+."'/Photos/Albums\'";
    $html = file_get_html($y);
    // haal de url op en zet het in $html
    // zoek alle img tags op de url in $html en zet ze in $element
    foreach($html->find('img') as $w)

    // en zet ze in beeld
    echo "<img src='".$w->src."' width='75' height='75' /><br/>";


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    You can't. JavaScript runs when the code reaches the browser, PHP well before that. What you can do is define the array in PHP, use PHP to output it to JavaScript, and then you'll have free use of the array in both.

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