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Thread: Textarea posting

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    Textarea posting


    Lets say I have a text area on a webpage, how can I post the text written in it on a different automatically newly created page?

    And on the same time, lets say I made another text area for putting a title to the text in it.
    How can I make that title to appear as a link to the new text page on another page that was made earlier (Just like in this forum, for example) and on the same time make it as a highlighted title for the new text itself (again, just like I'm doing right now while writing this post on this forum)?

    To make it simple:

    1 - Link page ↓
    2 - Text posting page (Making title and text) ↓
    3 - New web page saved on my computer that includes the text with highlighted title ↓
    4 - New title link added to the link page ↓
    5 - Back to 1.

    I tried looking on PHP and ASP guides on W3School and by googling it, but I couldn't find any solutions.

    I might sound very unprofessional, but that is because I'm not, yet.


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    You can use PHP and the heredoc method...

    You can also play with the "DOJO" toolkit.

    Google it.

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