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Thread: CSS3 transformation doesn't work after I hide + show my div.

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    Nov 2011

    CSS3 transformation doesn't work after I hide + show my div.

    Alright, I'm having this weird problem, and I don't know why...

    This is the site: http://student.devine.be/sara.peeter...CMDI/SERPENTS/
    And the attached javascript: http://student.devine.be/sara.peeter.../js/venetie.js

    Now Begin and Contact are fine, but as you can see, the Einde part isn't sliding in.
    I'm hiding my "Second" div at the end of the transformation to avoid horizontal scrollbars. But after I show it again, to slide it back to the left, the transformation somehow doesn't work.

    If I comment out the slide-to-left transformation, the Second div shows on the right, with horizontal scrollbar. So it does actually do the transformation, but doesn't seem to do the slide. I've also tried re-setting the -webkit-transition property again after I show() the Second div, to set a delay on it again. However, this had no effect either.

    Any idea's are very much appreciated. My deadline is tomorrow 11 am xD

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    Nov 2011
    Double post because I can't seem to edit my post :/

    I've "fixed" it by setting overflow:hidden to my body. But now I've got this really weird thing, where everything goes 'up' once I go to Contact.
    It's as if my body goes margin-top: -200px...

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