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Thread: [RESOLVED] Problem with changing locale

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Problem with changing locale

    Hi, I need to change locale in runtime.
    I use Kohana 2.3.4.
    I defined default locale in file locale.php
    PHP Code:
    $config['language'] = array('no''Norsk'); 
    When site language is changed I also change locale
    PHP Code:
    Kohana::config_set('locale.language', array('en''United States')); 
    But after redirection to any page locale gets it default value from locale.php.
    I didn't find any method to change locale in documentation.
    Does anyone know why it doesn't work?
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    I solved the problem moving changing locale in the constructor of the parent controller.
    Kohana uses default locale defined in file locale.php, that's why it didn't work after redirection.
    So when user changes the language, I save it in the session and then I change locale in the parent controller using chosen language from session.

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