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Thread: Rendering Issue

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    Rendering Issue

    I have a web page with a background image, a foreground image layered on top, and then a javascript slideshow layered on top of that.

    Everything works perfectly in IE, firefox, and Chrome when I load from my Hard Drive. However, when I load from the web, each element ends up top to bottom (as if it were rendering static, instead of absolute positioning). Here is the site.


    I thought it was a javascript issue, but with all the javascript links removed, the problem persists ( see http://www.suspendedlight.com/ME/test2.html )

    Any thoughts???

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    Two things... first it looks like your style sheet isn't on the server. Should be at /ME/styleSheet.css according to where you're linking.

    Second, when you get the style sheet fixed you'll want to put a doctype at the top of the html file, run it through the validator, and fix the various errors.


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    Thanks Dave. It's the capital 's' that did me in. I had 'stylesheet.css' uploaded, but not 'styleSheet.css'. Apparently the server is pickier.

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