Anyone have the energy to help test a stylesheet?

I'm doing multiple stylesheets because I haven't found a way to keep the page stable if the viewer resizes: hit a link and it's back to square one, not a good look.

So: I've tested on a mac for heights 'over 1000px', 'under 880px', and 'under 770px'—not at work this weekend.

If you happen to have a screen with a height of 900px or 960px—you'd be in a group which is anywhere from 10% to 23% of net users, depending on your statistics source—I'd especially like to hear from you. And any and all IE users.

Hopefully, you'll have a worst-case scenario with lots of height taken up by the browser's toolbars.

Minor css problems with Safari and esp Opera are known.
Major script rendering problem with Opera known also.

here's the page


Is there space around the field of hexagrams?
are the numbers centrally placed underneath each hex?

Is the main column too wide/too narrow?
Is the text size acceptable in the main column?
In the navigation pane top left?

Do the scroll arrows work? (hover, press to go faster)
Is the scrolling smooth?
Are the scroll arrow points cut off?

When you click thru the links from "ask", (another 7 clicks)
and the changes start on the field of hexagrams:
are the readout numbers centrally placed in the field?

how to improve the timing on the changes?