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Thread: CSS appears different depending on server

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    CSS appears different depending on server

    Well, usually, I do everything with Google search, but that one let me dry...

    I did my blog myself (not using Wordpress or other equivalent), I tested it using my NAS as web server, it was OK on all 3 browser (IE9, Firefox, Chrome)

    I then uploaded it to my FAI server, then, it works well under Chrome and Firefox but not under IE9 anymore...

    It is on the same PC, so no issue with different versions of IE.
    I tried to save the HTML page both from my NAS and my FAI server (using File > Save as in IE), then do a diff between the files... no diff.
    I then clean the history in IE, I even delete the temp files through the properties of C: drive

    but I still got the problem of 2 different rendering...

    Anyone has an idea of what to do???

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    Check to see if all the files are on both servers, and check to see if the case FileName.txt as opposed to filename.txt is correct on all files and references to them. And then of course if you can actually give us a link to the site it would help vastly in guessing what might be wrong


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    thanks for your reply, both servers are exactly identical. funny enough, I tried another PC, with Win7 as well and the very same version of IE9, and it works.

    Maybe that is just that computer with that server. but I would really like to know the root, out of curiosity.

    My blog

    tell me how the main picture appears

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    Holy ****, I found the root cause and it is pretty tricky.

    My blog was in the list of websites listed by Microsoft as needing the compatibility view. I disabled this function and it works perfectly... now, my problem is to know whether the visitor has the compatibility mode activated or not... or get my blog removed from that list.

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