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Thread: How to count maximum values inside text box?

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    How to count maximum values inside text box?

    I like to count number of characters inside text box.
    1. How to do it with PHP to echo it or/and
    2. limit it to maximum with warning and/or
    3. how to set it with automatic Javascript code when user filled text box?

    Need help.

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    In my opinion, the best solution consists in using regular expressions...
    With javascript, the single following lines count characters (we remove all other characters before).
    // For lower or upper case letters  
    var result=str.replace(/[^a-z]+/gim,'').length;
    // For lower word characters depending of the local setting  
    var result=str.replace(/[\W]+/gim,'').length;
    // For lower word or digits characters  
    var result=str.replace(/[\W\D]+/gim,'').length;
    It is the same thing with PHP
    PHP Code:
    $result=strlen($str);// Or mb_strlen($str); with character encoding 
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