Adobe's latest web design software Muse, still in beta, makes a lot of bold claims as to its functions and intentions.
Non-semantic code, is it such a big deal?
Should print designers really become web-designers overnight?
Can Muse really replace coding if it only seems to produce static sites?
Do these design techniques encourage or ultimately hinder creativity?
Will this be leaving coding or other skills redundant?

My line in the sand? - Adobe Muse = Step forward.
Having said that I still have a lot of questions,
It's at no kind of destination,
doesn't "replace coding" as it has too many limits,
but it has its place for simple static site creation, time-saving, and site mock-up designing.
As a webdesigner with basic DW/hand coding skills, and in love with graphic design - This is a refreshing time and money saver with great potential. I feel this path will soon replace the need coding on a large scale.
I can't see clients (except those without a budget), no-longer requiring experienced web-designers as I'm sure most businesses will know/soon find out, there is so much more to web design than what your average print designer will know.

I agree its far from optimal, and may always be, but is that really going to matter? Because this is Adobe, and this is their new direction. Step forward or backward - this is shaping the future of the web-design industry.

Anyone built some sites in Adobe Muse? Id love to see them, and would really appreciate your thoughts and views on all this=)