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Thread: Loading multiple JQuery files

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    Loading multiple JQuery files


    A little new to web development and I had kind of a general question.

    The application I'm debugging is throwing a very general jquery error (H is undefined) based on my obfuscated js file. There are jquery methods in this file. The file has been tested and is used successfully in other applications.

    I noticed the application that throws the error is loading two versions of jquery:
    jquery-1.4.2.js and jquery-obf-1.4.2.cache.js

    Typically our applications only load the obfuscated version of jquery.

    I was curious if loading 2 versions of JQuery into a page could cause the confliction I'm seeing?

    Please advise, thanks.

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    Absolutely shouldn't. That being said, you should probably stop loading more than one src of the library.

    If you're using chrome dev tools there's usually a sort of stack trace for the error so that you can see where it comes from in your JS code. If you file is minified, then use a dev version to see where in your file the error is originating.
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