Hi, guys, I'm in a very strange situation. I have a prestashop and its working fine but the pdf reports are all written ? simbols because my language is bulgarian. So what I did is I changed the default pdf tool of presta, which is called fpdf, with one which can write in utf-8 called tfpdf(its made from the guys who made fpdf). When I did this on my local machine everything was working excellent but when I uploaded the patch to the server it didn't worked. The '?' symbol became an empty square what can be wrong? My computer is running on linux and I suppose the server does too, they are both running php5. I made a separate script to read text from a file and generate a pdf with it, and its working, only not working when presta generates its invoices. The db collation is set to utf-8.
Both installations, on my pc and on the server are identical. I'm very confused. Thanks to anyone who share some toughts. cheers